The Refuge of Grace program is a 12-18 month restoration and transformation residential program. It takes place over the course of two "Seasons," each reflecting an important milestone in the individual life of the resident's journey to restoration.

During the FIRST SEASON, Refuge of Grace is a home where the women are lavished with the hope and unconditional love of Christ. They are required to follow a structured program of morning Bible and biblical-based studies, afternoon study time plus Enrichment classes to learn life-skills. They  begin to know what Jesus did for them, experience His forgiveness, and build a Christ-centered foundation for their life. Then they carefully move forward seeking to restore relationships with their children and family members.

During the SECOND SEASON, the women move forward securing a job and working in a secular environment with the blessing of coming back “home” each day to the security of Refuge of Grace.

The THIRD SEASON is an optional season when a resident is equipped and ready to move to her own home while working, maintaining finances, and continuing to attend Bible studies at Refuge of Grace. She is still under the Refuge of Grace “umbrella” but given the opportunity to take the most significant steps to become the independent woman God has called her to be.

    “He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Christ Jesus.”                                                                                                                                                                                               – Philippians 1:6


The ultimate goal upon graduation from Refuge of Grace is for the women to be living God-honoring lives in their own homes with their children and involved in a local church. By God’s grace and provision, Refuge of Grace provides these women with the tools necessary to re-enter society as a new person whose life is grounded in the love of Christ making them strong and self-sufficient members of the community.

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Refuge of Grace is a Decatur based Christian ministry created from the vision and heart of Leigh Littrell who dreamed of a home for women and their children in North Alabama.

In 2010 Leigh began teaching Bible studies in the Morgan County jail. She saw how hungry the women were for God’s word and desperate to change their lives – yet when they were released from jail they only had their old destructive environments to return to. After two years of prayer and preparation, Leigh opened the door to Refuge of Grace to the first resident in January 2012.

Since that time, Refuge of Grace has served an average of 25 ladies per week in Bible study classes in Morgan County jail, with over 145 graduates. Ten women have been served in the residential home, with 2 ladies and two children currently placed in the program. Two ladies have graduated from the program including the very first resident.